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StormX: 2.5 Million Users | 187 Countries | $5M Payout In Crypto Rewards

StormX rewards you for shopping online, playing games, and trying new products. The secret sauce is their patented micro-transaction technology which plays well with a multitude of reward methodologies, without fees that cause undue friction. This technology, developed in early 2017, is currently the only way to run payments at scale with less than $0.01 per transaction.

The StormX Team

The founding team includes Simon Yu and Calvin Hsieh, who previously co-owned Seattle’s first and best Korean Mexican fusion food truck. Simon’s experience being financially independent at a young age and participating in the gig economy inspired the question: what if anyone could earn money from anywhere with any device at any time?

As of early 2020, StormX has worked with 1,600+ brands including eBay, Uber, Instacart, Target, Samsung, GameStop, Microsoft, and Macy’s.

To set yourself up to make $$$:

Install StormShop extension on your favorite browser.

Shop online like you normally do. Discounts are automatic in participating stores.

Earn Storm, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies when you check out using StormShop.


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