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It Takes a (Blockchain) Village

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Spring of 2019 was the semester of collaboration and joint ventures for our Blockchain Challenge Lab. We expanded the program to include FinTech, and the new material and domain resulted in a number of novel projects, many of which are highlighted below. We saw increased teamwork across campus with participation by Berkeley Haas staff, including Whitney Hischier and Karin Bauer, who showed up to lecture and judge final student presentations. We also partnered with Blockchain at Berkeley members, who assisted with student project code reviews. Jocelyn Weber, Kartik Mehrotra, Gloria Zhao, and others ensured that there was a synergy between material presented in the course and the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. I was able to mentor a few of the teams and drop by for a lecture on enterprise blockchain and user-centered design.

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