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Entrepreneurs Panel: Emerging Technologies for Social Impact

Updated: May 4, 2020

Nodle | Nugbase | StormX | Snowball

Four teams from Cohort 3 shared industry insights during the Emerging Technologies for Social Impact lecture. This course is structured as an incubator for multidisciplinary students to solve real world problems, spinning out top projects as startups within the UC Berkeley ecosystem.

Nugbase is the team behind Flowerpatch which seeks to be “the first cannabis industry game that treats the industry with respect.” Users earn money through the game and conduct peer-to-peer commerce using tokens that hold value both in-game and in real life. The game is an open ecosystem of collectibles and unique digital assets called non-fungible tokens (NFT). Their vision includes future integrations with other Ethereum projects. In the future, digital assets would be bought and sold at a level of price and demand comparable to Magic: The Gathering cards, rare memorabilia, and classic automobiles.


Nodle is a new kind of network to connect devices. They “connect people through code and other people instead of merely telecom antennas.” This decentralized communication network facilitates an internal circular economy, wherein somebody with a smartphone offers a portion of their available bandwidth in return for crypto-asset rewards. You can learn more here:


Snowball Money is a wealth generation platform built with the belief that access to information must be democratized for everyone. In other words, “everyone should have the right to be their own bank.” They deliver smart crypto-asset investment automation. From a social impact standpoint, this vision addresses the 1.7 billion people without a bank account, making an attempt at financial inclusion from a digital economy angle. They recently won the Product Hunt Golden Kitty Award and you can learn more here:


StormX rewards you for shopping online, playing games, and trying new products. Their secret sauce is a patented micro-transaction technology which plays well with a multitude of reward methodologies, without fees that cause undue friction. As of early 2020, StormX has worked with 1,600+ brands including eBay, Uber, Instacart, Target, Samsung, GameStop, Microsoft, and Macy’s. You can learn more here:


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