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Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator Announces The Fall 2019 Batch

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Tsu-Jae King Liu, Dean of Berkeley Engineering, shared her positive perspective on this join effort across the campus..

Richard Lyons, Cal’s incoming Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer was on hand to welcome the teams.

The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator is pleased to announce its new cohort of enthusiastic, aspirational blockchain companies. Enter the Fall 2019 Batch, Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator’s selected 15 startups from an application pool of 100+ from around the globe. The Xcelerator kicked off this week, welcoming the teams to Berkeley and launching the first week of programming.

As the geographical confines of Silicon Valley continue to expand well beyond the Bay Area, the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator’s new batch has a very tangible international representation among its startups and welcomes back several UC Berkeley alumni among the leadership of our Fall 2019 teams.

Meet them below.

Start with BCdiploma, a French team offering a turnkey blockchain solution to deliver tamper-proof diplomas, that combines Ethereum and open-source architecture to provide a state-of-the-art solution for certificate authentication.Their technology democratizes and securitizes recruitment processes around the world, and is capable of certifying any kind of data. BCDiploma has already signed with 50+ institutions in 15 countries, a remarkable feat.

Raise Fiverr and Upwork to the potential of blockchain, and what you get is Bounty0X, a fast-growth startup based out of the key hotbeds of NYC and London. Bounty0X is a freelancing marketplace for the gig economy and the easiest way to earn cryptocurrency, with over 73,000 registered freelancers earning cryptocurrency and stablecoins.

CINCEL is a solution that empowers users to gain digital governance over sensitive data such as legal contracts, binding agreements and other digital assets. Taking advantage of modern biometric tools, the platform also supports strong digital identity integrations for increased authentication security for individuals and enterprises alike. CINCEL is powered by LUMIT Blockchain & Network Technologies, an experienced DLT solutions developer and consultancy based in Mexico, that has partnered with KPMG and IBM Mexico to build blockchain solutions for the region.

Coin is the world’s first financial assistant for digital assets. Coin was founded by a team of Microsoft veterans and empowers users to manage digital assets simply by text or voice messaging your very own personal AI-Assistant.

The Berkeley-based Eluvio team has built a high-performance software network for Internet distribution of premium video just-in-time from source to consumer, without a CDN, using decentralized and content-centric design. The team previously founded Aspera sold to IBM in 2014, and has major studio and other tier 1 media customers on their platform now in production.

Next up is EverMedical Technologies, pioneers of the next level healthcare data ecosystem. Based in Thailand, EverMedical empowers a frictionless flow of data by enabling market creation and redistribution of value for all stakeholders. They hope to expand their reach to over 6 million patients being served by their technology by year-end.

Life without Google would be chaos. Blockchain is something like that: With 908 public blockchains and 2899 cryptocurrencies, it is a disorganized and emerging technological field. Enter KryptoGO, a search engine for blockchains, that organizes blockchain information for accessibility and regulatory compliance. Within a simple search, you can easily trace how the $5.5B of dirty money flows.

Leaf Global Fintech is a social and entrepreneurial venture that provides digital financial services to refugees, enabling them to store, transport, and own assets across borders, all from a feature phone. The company just completed the Techstars accelerator program with Western Union and is now live in five African countries.

Next, there is Lino Network. The mission of Lino is simple: To establish a decentralized value-sharing content ecosystem that enables content creators, viewers, and developers to grow the ecosystem together with their newfound synergy. DLive, the first dApp on Lino, exceeds 1M daily active users and has an exclusive live-streaming partnership with PewDiePie.

Next, MtHash, a pool-based, tokenized hash power allocation platform, lets you mine crypto with tokens with enterprise colocation mining providers using a B2B2C model. Their platform enables mining to be done in a similar manner to staking, giving access to enterprise mining for the masses. Hashing On Demand running Blockchain as a Web Service (Web3), like AWS and Google Cloud, but instead of computer power for data, it’s hashing power for the Internet of Money.

In addition, Nickel, and its principal product, NiX, is Asia’s first decentralized exchange for institutional FX trading. Founded by fellow Cal Bears themselves, NiX is a trade-driven, regulatory compliant marketplace for corporates and onshore banks to access liquidity and price discovery for emerging market currencies at the institutional level. They are one of the global pioneers to trade Over-the-Counter (OTC) FX in a pure exchange setting over a distributed ledger.

The BxB also chose Pinata, a simple solution to store and move off-chain data with speed, stability, and security. Built on a SaaS model, with 1,300+ developers signed up, Pinata is already being used by many blockchain applications in the space.

Also, welcome Puma Browser, a mobile web browser that helps you support creators directly, without ads or tracking, and protects your privacy. Think Google Chrome but with no tracking and an easy way to pay for content via Coil and Interledger Protocol.

Tackling the wills and trusts space, RIPChain, a startup that won the Blockchain Challenge Lab, also made it into the Xcelerator’s cohort. With young founder energy (its founders graduated UC Berkeley at 16) and a clear vision in executing wills and trusts with smart contracts, RIPChain is a faster, cheaper, better, more trust-worthy, and automatic, distribution system of the $1.2 trillion/yr in assets currently handled manually.

Sheeld allows institutions and financial intermediaries to trade large amounts of crypto-assets at a fair price, without counterparty risk. They are the first Dark Pool platform to guarantee total privacy of their users’ order data, thanks to cutting edge chip encryption and ZK-proofs. They plan to capture the growing market of $2.5B of crypto-assets currently flowing through Dark Pools daily.

The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator connects our teams with top-tier resources, investors and networks in the San Francisco area; if you are interested in joining us at UC Berkeley, please connect with us here – https://xcelerator.berkeley.edu/network/get-involved/

Liam Lin, CEO of Nickel, shares insights on his first decentralized FX exchange for Asia.

Michelle Munson, CEO of Eluivo, gets ready to address the Founders’ Roundtable

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