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Frequently Asked Questions

secret stuff.

Underground Cinema is not just a movie. It's a 4+ hour immersive participatory experience unlike any other.

This is not your average multiplex experience; arriving at our secret locations is like walking onto a film set with actors, sets and costumes.

We keep our locations a secret and the films identity a mystery too.


i'm lost.

You will discover the secret location 24 hours prior to the first show via email & SMS to the contact information you provided at the time of ticket purchase. It will also be posted here on the website and the Underground Cinema Facebook event page on the first showday of the series. Venue locations are chosen with consideration to PT travel time for guests, with timings based off an inner city starting point.

for control freaks.

To create entire worlds at this scale takes time. Be patient. Surrender. All information will be revealed in due time, including when the next series of shows will take place, whatever city that may be. To be the first to know you should: Sign up to our Mailing List here. Follow us on Facebook here. Stalk us on Instagram here. Shhhh....

don't talk about it.

"The elaborate worlds created for each Underground Cinema series set it apart. The events are like the best movies: something you'll be talking about long after the credits roll." - Broadsheet

“UGC blurs the line between theatre and film, creating a cinema-inspired world to explore and play in. It’s a top night out, forcing you to surrender to the thrill of the unknown. The multiplex will forever pale in comparison.” – Herald Sun

"Would I do it again? Who could resist? You never know what surprises UGC has in store and that’s half the fun." - The Weekly Review

“People are seeking out real experiences, rather than passive forms of entertainment.” - Sydney Morning Herald

“Underground Cinema combines the best of what Melbourne has to offer- food and drink, performance, live music and cinema and creates a thoroughly engaging, endearing and entertaining night out.” - The Age

“Underground Cinema is a night to thrill on many levels, where the audience is a part of their own experience.” - Time Out

“Underground cinema enriches and vivifies the cinematic experience, turning it into something participatory and theatrical.” - Crikey

“Always an amazing experience, UGC manages to cleverly envelop their audience within the world of the film, using actors, detailed sets and costumes, to deliver an unforgettable and unique, live immersive event.” - Daily Sydney

“It’s not so often you get to experience something so completely out of the ordinary. Every time I’ve attended an Underground event it amazes me the level of detail and love that goes into creating the sets and costumes.” - Smart Planet

"I have to say, it was nothing short of amazing.” – circlesquaretriangle

i'm hungry.

Whilst exploring this live cinematic world you will be able to purchase food & drinks to nourish your body whilst we feed your soul.

Cards & cash welcome. Don't forget this is an 18 years+ show and we comply with all RSA requirements.

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